HR Tech

HR Tech

Advocating for humans in a digital world


I am a transformation strategist. We can and all should be prepared to face the next big tipping point in business and the economy. But we can only be successful with a strong future vision.

I create visions — visions that rely on knowledge, experience and an innovative mindset honed in these roles:

  • Human Resources management
  • IT infrastructure, applications and security management
  • Full lifecycle implementations and management of SAP
  • Customer advocacy for SAP and SuccessFactors customers


We grow by stepping away from commonalities, by viewing the world thru a kaleidoscope lens. Seeing those differences and helping others to see those differences form the art of change.

The impetus for change involves challenging current thinking; asking what if; and being a little bit brave. 

I advocate for original, individualized solutions that fit a particular business or need. And what I advocate for is not all about the technology; and it’s not all about the latest solutions being pushed by marketing or media. I believe in challenging both our own paradigms, the status quo and social pressures with empathy, a defined purpose, and mindfulness.


I am a writer and a speaker. My life, my work, my colleagues, my family shape my point of view and inform my writing for technology publications like CIO Review, SAP Insider, HR Expert, SAP Community Network, and Americas’ SAP Users’ Group. I am the writer/editer of two online publications: High Heeled Standards and Recharge HR

In much of my writing for HR tech, I’m “poking a bear” – trying to make us all think, question and then understand. You can question me too – because it is only through two-way communication that we actually succeed at true comprehension, connection and innovation.

My Portfolio shares my media publications, white papers and blogs.


Non-Profit Founder, Board Director and Executive Leader

Motivated to tackle diversity and bullying among teens, my daughter and I co-founded the non-profit, Power Chords Music Mentors for Our Youth. As Vice President of the Board for this non-profit, our goal is to use the power of music to connect people of all races, genders, cultures, educational and socio-economic environments.

Previously, I served on the Board of Directors for ASUG [2011-2015]. My passion and commitment to build ASUG as a respected and valued contributor to the SAP ecosystem led to my position as a full-time employee of ASUG in 2015.

At ASUG, I created Recharge HR – an education program, networking and influence opportunity for executives. The program enabled a rebranding of the traditional SAP ERP on-premise product-focused community and engaged an audience to move towards digital transformation. Thru the development of the online presence, social media presence, event and newsletters, I grew membership in the community by 50% in year one and increased engagement in the online community content by 70%. 

Within ASUG,  Women Connect and the Young Professionals Program are two initiatives for which I provided start-up leadership and created external executive and member engagement. These are natural extensions of my belief in diversity and inclusion and the power of community.

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